Conran Clinic Pop-Up

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As part of The Conran Shop’s new lifestyle strategy, a new in-store beauty initiative called ‘Conran Clinic’ was launched. Visitors to the store were encouraged to embrace the “good life” as shelves were stocked with a curation of innovative wellbeing goodies, including refreshing health and beauty products from organic skincare to luxury bathroom accessories. Whilst browsing, clients could grab a thirst quenching cold-pressed juice by healthy eating experts, The Good Life Eatery, or enjoy an aromatic leaf blend tea from fair trade favourite Takeawayporto in a rustic wooden ‘Tea House’. Design-conscious health fanatics enjoyed a stylish wall-mounted display featuring state-of-the-art fitness equipment to tone and shape the body in the comfort of your own home.

The ‘Conran Clinic’ struck the perfect balance between the good and the bad, with witty themed displays carrying chocolate and naughty treats encased in ‘In Case of Emergency Break Glass’ cabinets and a fun circus style hall of mirrors.