r. m. williams

  • press day pop-up
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For one day in June, Bacchus Studio offered the press a vivid window into the high production values and new collection of Australian footwear & leather brand R.M. Williams, encapsulated in a pop-up store on London’s Bateman Street. The discreet windows on this Soho side lane gave the event the air of an undiscovered curiosity shop, with every aspect looking as though it was well established in the setting.

The shop showcased the crafts and techniques that RM Williams has used since 1932 for its signature hand made boots and fine leather goods, but showed them with the options of bright coloured leathers and trimmings.

In a relaxed, saloon-style environment the brand offered bespoke boot fittings and wax polishing to invited press. Each of the options for leathers, last and stitching were used as a decorative backdrop, hanging from copper hooks across the fitting suite or mounted on plinths. In the background, craftsman demonstrated the techniques employed in making their plaited leather belts. Bacchus paired back the décor, both in palette and line to amplify the strengths of the RM Williams collection of leather goods, casual menswear and womenswear and its hero archive artifacts, which were shipped from Australia for the event.

The day also brought together London coffee connoisseurs Ozone Coffee, and The Modern Pantry, to cater for guests, fusing everyday cooking with modern ingredients. Craft gins were also served from behind the bespoke, Bacchus conceived, concrete and copper bar.