Oriole + Nightjar

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Nightjar is the underground bar that brought the jazz speakeasy to modern day London, kicking off an underground blues revolution and becoming a regular at the top of the World’s 50 Best Bars ranking. Five years later, the award-winning team was ready to hatch a feathered younger sister beneath Smithfield Market. Set amidst a collection of beguiling curiosities from the four corners of the earth, Oriole is a jazz and cocktail den that captures the essence and glamour of an old-school 1940s nightclub.

We worked closely with the owners, Speakeasy Entertainment, to carve clear definitions for each site to ensure Oriole established its own distinct personality whilst fulfilling the company’s overall ethos and reputation for exceptional drinks and music. We used our comprehensive understanding of the UK and international drinks industry to seed the bar to influencers and establish awareness amongst peers. This was supported by a creative launch campaign inspired by 1940s exploration that reached our local consumer audience. Oriole quickly became the bar to visit and continues to receive critical acclaim.