Krug Odyssey Reims – Trieste – Vienna

  • press trip
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Krug Odyssey briefed us to ideate and produce a unique press trip – which narrated a historical/cultural metaphor that aligned with the brand’s values: a small, unique house with restrained output, inspiring heritage and the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship.

Our response was to compose a narrative focused on the history of the Lipizzaner horse. Bred from only six original stallions by the Hapsburg family, these horses are few in number but considered to be the ‘prima ballerinas’ of the equine world.

From its start in Reims, the trip was littered with “firsts”: A dinner at the Hapsburg’s Castello di Miramare in Trieste; Helicopter transfers to the hilltop Lipizzaner stud in Piber, where guests were allowed to interact with the mares and foals; And finally a performance, dinner and vertical tasting in the Emperor’s suite at the Spanish Riding School, followed by a midnight visit to the stables – entirely off-limits to the public – with the leading riders of the School.