Katamama Hotel

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As part of their mission to revive the fading arts of the Indonesian archipelago, Katamama; The PTT Family’s first hotel, was built piece by piece by local Balinese craftspeople. It took more than 1.5 million handmade bricks to build the 57 room hotel. Telling the story of the Katamama ethos, Bacchus positioned the hotel across a range of travel, design and lifestyle features, a PR strategy, which has secured Katamama a place as a prominent contender amongst Bali’s luxury hotel scene.

Located on the pristine beaches of Seminyak, close to PTT’s well known Potato Head Beach Resort, the hotel is rich in angles for editorial features. The ethical provenance of the project has been carefully considered from the staffing to the design.

Every aspect of the boutique hotel has been carefully considered for its local impact and community benefits. Bali is known as “The Island of the Gods,” and each of the Gods must be given due attention through regular ceremonies, prayers and daily rituals from Katamama’s priest, who wakes early, and together with his daughter makes beautiful and fragrant offerings to place at each of the hotel’s three temples.

The hotel places handmade fabrics, woodwork, ceramics and other traditional craftworks against a simple modern setting to give guests total understated luxury. Katamama also works closely with like-minded establishments to offer the local community a creative cultural hub and providing guests with a one of a kind experience through daily programmes of gastronomy, music, art, fashion and culture.