annabel karim kassar at salone del mobile

  • installation
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London-based Annabel Karim Kassar Architects created an extraordinary and challenging installation at this years Salone del Mobile. Invited by Interni Magazine to contribute to their ENERGY FOR CREATIVITY exhibition, AKK’s installation created opposing views through two pavilion structures, composed of raw, black steel and burnt wood.

Visitors were invited to interact, watch movies, sit, rest, and listen to music within the pavilions, which represent the interior of a Lebanese house and showcase traditional French/Lebanese artisan techniques. The two telescopic shapes – named Liwan and Camera Chiara – faced each other across the Università Statale’s central courtyard, creating magnified parallelism between their two ends, through eight stepped frames.

The first pavilion presented an étude of a Liwan (a traditional Lebanese living-room) in which classic furniture was enhanced by a phonograph playing Beirut street noise, and a vintage television which broadcast classic Lebanese movies. The second pavilion, Camera Chiara – or LightRoom – was AKK’s interpretation of a Cinema. Cotton quilts from Tripoli and her own CAI lighting designs accessorised a raked and stepped space in which visitors could enjoy a programme of movies from the region.